5-in-1 Glow-in-The-Dark Fire Starters Kits with Compass

  • This outdoor survival gear set is a must-have for camping and emergencies. It includes 2 magnesium fire starters, 2 compasses, and 2 signaling mirrors with a whistle.
  • Our outdoor survival kit comes with two signaling mirrors for far-reaching communication outdoors. Each mirror comes with a water-wicking whistle which produces 150 dB loud sounds.
  •  Bring these compact and portable survival tools on your adventures so you can be prepared for anything! The kit also comes with a user manual for seamless use.
  • The kit is made to serve many functions. The mirror comes with a bearing rope, crosshair aiming, and rope buckle, while the flint has a paracord and a scraper striker.
  • Thanks to its incorporated magnesium rod, you can make instant fire regardless of the weather! It offers over 16K strikes at 5500°F, making it more reliable than matches.