Rainier Rugged Trauma Scissors

  •  Quickly remove a patient's clothing with this pair of nursing scissors. Its angled blades can cut through strong materials such as small twigs, seat belt straps, and bandages.
  • Cut away articles of clothing without the risk of injuring a patient with these nurse scissors. Their blades are non-stick, so the scissors safely slide across the skin.
  • Strong & Durable - These Teflon-coated EMT shears have stainless steel blades that can last many years of use. Their blades are thick and they won’t flex even when cutting tough materials.
  • These heavy-duty medical scissors are autoclavable, making them suitable for repeated use. You can be sure that you are using clean nursing shears for your emergency operations.
  • With a contoured handle and ergonomic grip, these professional-grade medical shears allow for excellent control. The EMT scissors' finger holes are large enough for big fingers.